The cars that Biggie and Tupac were each shot in sold for a crazy sum!
If you have $1.5 million burning a hole in your pocket, how about snap up a dark piece of hip-hop history, or two?

The GMC Suburban that The Notorious B.I.G was shot dead in went up for sale. This came a week after the car that Tupac Shakur was killed in also went up for sale in February. Both cars are commanding fees of $1.5million.

The Guardian reports that the car was bought at a public auction in October of 1997 and has over 100,000 miles on it. It was bought by a woman who used it to ferry her family of six. She was completely oblivious to the vehicles grisly past until LAPD informed her in 2005.

The bullet hole ridden passenger door through which Biggie was shot through in March, 1997 was taken by police as evidence in the investigation, and was replaced. Auctioneer Moments in Time claim that Police will return the original door to the purchaser of the car.

Moments in Time are also the sellers of the BMW in which Tupac was shot. Now they're obviously opportunists, but is it not a bit ridiculous commanding such a fee for such a car? How much value does a 'celebrity endorsement' have, to make a standard suburban car worth $1.5 million!

It gets much, much worse than this though, some ridiculous celebrity 'memorabilia' can go for stupid money. Like a lock of Justin Bieber's hair, for instance, sold for $40,668 on Ebay, and a used pregnancy test by Britney Spears sold for $5,001. They get more ridiculous though, Someone bought john Lennon's tooth for $31,200, and another deranged person bought a jar, which was supposedly filled with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's breath, sold for $523... What is wrong with some people, to put these people on such a pedestal that you'd pay over $30,000 for one of their teeth?!? But maybe they'll have the last laugh, they could make a fortune when cloning becomes mainstream.


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